About us

Opened on the 30th of June 2004, Myvatn Naturebaths offers something for everyone. Despite its northerly location, the region enjoys a temperate climate, and the long summer days when darkness never comes can be surprisingly warm. As summer merges into autumn, the landscape becomes a panoramic patchwork dotted with shades of gold and brown, while winter brings its own tapestry of snow, sparkling frosts, and frequent opportunities to enjoy the unforgettable splendour of the Northern Lights. 

A designated nature reserve, Myvatn is an area of fragile beauty where tourist services have been developed in such a way as to cause as little disruption as possible to what is a unique and highly delicate ecosystem. 

Drawing on a centuries-old tradition, the tastefully designed complex offers bathers a completely natural experience that begins with a relaxing dip amidst clouds of steam rising up from a fissure deep in the Earth´s surface, and ends with a luxurious swim in a pool of geothermal water drawn from depths of up to 2.500 metres.


The five members of the board are:

Steingrímur Birgisson (Chairman)
Halldór Jóhannsson
Einar Mathiesen
Grímur Sæmundsen
Leifur Hallgrímsson


General Manager:
Guðmundur Þór Birgisson
Mail: gudmundur@jardbodin.is

Financial Manager:
Nína Björg Sæmundsdóttir
Mail: nina@jardbodin.is

Marketing Manager: 
Heiða Halldórsdóttir
Mail: heida@jardbodin.is

Booking Manager:
Elisabet Sigurdardóttir
Mail: elisabet@jardbodin.is


Employees (Full time):

Birgir Steingrímsson

Sigríður Jóhannesdóttir

Kristín Arnfríður Sigurðardóttir Hammer

Sigurbjörn Reynir Björgvinsson

Daníel Ellertson

Jóhanna Björg Jóhannsdóttir

Höskuldur Freyr Sveinsson

Marge Neissar

Sigríður Anna Jónsdóttir

Anna Dagbjört Andrésdóttir

Stefán Karl Einarsson

Pétur Jónasson

Þórhallur Ingi Jónsson

Kristinn Björn Haraldsson